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Deal Alert: Round Trip Caribbean and Bermuda Awards from 12,000 SkyMies

Delta is currently running an award sale to Bermuda (BDA) and Caribbean locations, such as Aruba (AUA), Havana (HAV), Providenciales (PLS), Montego Bay (MBJ) and St. Marteen (SXM) beginning at 12,000 SkyMiles. There are various other destinations that have been reduced as well, so do some searching and see what else you can find.

 Head to Bermuda (BDA) for 12,000 SkyMiles + $124.87....
Havana, Cuba (HAV) for 16,000 SkyMiles + $77.81... Or Providenciales, Turks and Caicos (PLS) from 16,000 SkyMiles + $92.21...

Or Aruba from 26,000 SkyMiles + $69.71....

Like all posts about deals, you'll want to use the flexible dates calendar to make sure you find the best deals. You should also check this against the cash fare to make sure you are getting a great return on your SkyMiles. If you book, comment below and let me know!

H/T to One Mile At A Time.

Tip: Always Verify Information From Mobile Applications

In April, I took a trip to Iceland on Delta from New York JFK to Reykjavik. About 2 hours before the flight as we were just about to head through security, my iPhone buzzed with a notification that my flight had been canceled. I was trying to use a mobile boarding pass so I could through security, but could not due to this message blocking the QR code.

Furious, I stormed back to the Delta counters, which had lines 50-100 people deep due to bad weather across the country. At this point, I really just wanted my checked luggage back so I could go home. Delta only operated this flight every 2 days, which meant my 4 day trip would be only be 2 days. It wouldn't be worth going all the way there for that amount of time.

I found a uniformed Delta agent walking around and informed him of my predicament. He gave me directions on how to retreive my bags and I began to leave the terminal.
A moment later he began shouting, "WAIT! WAIT! You flight isn't canceled." If you look really …

Opinion: Are Updated Interiors A Solution To An Older Fleet?

Airline passengers are some of the most critical people in the world. The second they board an aircraft the begin judging the airline and what it has to offer. Many of my friends praise JetBlue for their "new" planes, due to DirectTV guaranteed at every seat. They claim that JetBlue always buys new planes so that their customers are happy. What they don't know, is that many JetBlue planes (specifically their A320s) are approaching 20 years and haven't had huge interior refreshes ever. Even their new planes feature many of the old technology. They're TVs still aren't touch screen, they're entertainment isn't on demand, there's no mood lighting and their overhead compartments do not hold as many bags. So this begs the question, is an updated interior with personal TVs the solution to an older fleet? Or, should airlines be going out of their way to buy new planes with more advanced technical specifications?

In order to answer this question, we must th…

Deal Alert: Roundtrip Flights to Iceland from $384

A few days ago, I wrote about how I would always pay more to fly Delta, even if it cost more. Right now, you can fly to Iceland from JFK for almost the exact same price as low cost carriers, such as Wow Air.

Take a look at the flexible dates chart below for the month of May and June from

These fares are for regular Main Cabin, which include meals, cabin and checked baggage as well as seat selection. They are are showing up scattered throughout the entire summer until at least August. I cannot imagine these fares lasting longer than a day or so. If you book, comment below and let me know!

H/T to my friend Liz!

Opinion: Save Your Miles - Don't Buy Delta Gift Cards

Through SkyMiles Marketplace, Delta allows members to use their SkyMiles for gift card purchases at a huge variety of vendors Recently, Delta has made the option available for those looking to purchase Delta gift cards with their miles.

You can purchase the gift cards with the follow rates:
7,150 SkyMiles for a $50 Delta Gift Card14,300 SkyMiles for a $100 Delta Gift Card35,700 SkyMiles for a $250 Delta Gift Card71,450 SkyMiles for a $500 Delta Gift Card142,850 SkyMiles for a $1,000 Delta Gift CardNone of the above rates are that great. With it, the highest value you are getting is about .7 cents for each mile. As I've said before, you can often redeem the miles for more than 2 cents. The rates above, too, are actually not even consistent. You could buy a $250 gift card twice, which would cost 71,400 SkyMiles, versus a $500 gift card for 71,450 SkyMiles. The other negative is that these are physical cards which can take up to two weeks to arrive. The only reason I would consider get…

Deal Alert: Roundtrip Transcontinental Flights to San Francisco from $244

Traveling across the country can often times feel longer than crossing the ocean. You can ease the burden by ensuring you have received the best fares in Delta's regular Main Cabin this May. The fares below are only in regular Main Cabin, which provide seat selection and upgrades for those with Medallion status. If you're looking to save even more, fares in Basic Economy are between $50-70 lower.

Flights from Denver begin at $244....
Or Boston from $297... New York JFK from $337... And Atlanta from $359...
As I said above for some of the fares, routes are often operated with Delta One service, or even just the flat beds with First Class service. As Delta recently allowed medallion members to be eligible for Delta One upgrades on transcontinental flights, you'll want to book a standard Main Cabin fare, rather than Basic Economy to take advantage of this. As my searches above show you, using the flexible dates feature on both Delta and Google Flights will enable you to find the b…

Deal Alert: Roundtrip Flights to Rome from $443

Ciao! Today, Delta and its SkyTeam partners are offering lower fares to Rome from various destinations in the USA beginning August through next year. Below are some fare available for standard Economy / Main Cabin. I am not listing Basic Economy fares as they do not include a checked bag, which to add increases the fare to Main Cabin ticket. The best deals can be found by using Google Flights, which will compare the cost to book through multiple SkyTeam partner's sites.

You can fly from JFK to Rome for $443 in October....

Or from SFO from $572 in November...

Or from LAX from $518 in October...

As always, these fares might not last a while, so book quickly if you want to take advantage. As my searches above show you, using the flexible dates feature on both Delta and Google Flights will enable you to find the best deals, which may be found by booking through a different airline. If you do end up taking advantage of these finds, comment below and let us know!

H/T: Scott's Cheap Fligh…

Opinion: Why I'll Always Pay More To Fly Delta

The rise of low-cost carriers on the transatlantic market has had huge impacts on the airline industry. With no frills flights as cheap as $99 one way, many travelers have ventured over to them. These fares often include no seat selection, no food, no entertainment and a tiny carry on. Some may find the removal of these to outweigh the cost, but I don't. I'll always pay more to fly Delta. There's so much more to flying a full service carrier than just that. That being said, because of the competition with low cost carriers, Delta's fares have been forced to drop tremendously for travelers crossing across the Atlantic, as I wrote about it with the ridiculously cheap fares to Zurich this summer.
The "true" costDelta's standard Main Cabin fares across the Atlantic include seat selection, a checked bag, a personal item and full sized carry on, a meal (or even two!), soft and hard drinks, entertainment and more. For as low as $523 round trip, some may see Delta…

News: Delta Lowers Award Rates For Routes to Europe and Asia

As I said in my last post, there are some great (and not so great) to redeem Delta SkyMiles for award tickets. In a surprising turn of events, Delta has lowered the standard award rates in both Main Cabin (Economy) and Delta One (Business Class).
Flights To EuropeIn the past, Delta's lowest level award in Economy to Europe from the United States went for 35,000 SkyMiles one way and 70,000 SkyMiles round trip. Reported by many sources, the pricing has now decreased by 2,500 SkyMiles for one way and 5,000 SkyMiles. That means, you can fly to Paris for just 65,000 SkyMiles roundtrip in Main Cabin. I am finding some dates, however, that roundtrip nonstop flights can be booked for 60,000 SkyMiles.
For many dates, if you're looking to use less miles, there are a lot of trips found for just 60,000 SkyMiles round trip that require a stop. Business class award availability is not as easy to find, but fares with stops come out at 175,00 SkyMiles pretty often. Availability without stops is …

Tip: Redeeming SkyMiles At Their Highest Value


Deal Alert: Round Trip Economy (Main Cabin) Tickets to Florida (Paid + Award Tickets)

As a traveler who picks trips based on pricing, I often check to see the deals that Delta is offering both for cash and award tickets. Right now, Delta is offering some incredible domestic roundtrip deals to Florida paid with either cash or SkyMiles.

You can fly from New York City (JFK / LGA) to Palm Beach, Florida (PBI) for just 16,000 SkyMiles, plus $11.20. This deal is available for many dates - just take a look at this flexible date chart for much of June.
If you're looking for a cash fare, the above trips can be purchased for $196.40 in Basic Economy, and $226.40 in Main Cabin.
The same deals are available to other locations in Florida, as well. Like, Miami for as little as 14,500 SkyMiles and $11.20...
Or just $174.40 in Basic Economy...
Tampa has the same great deals, too. At just 16,000 SkyMiles and $11.20, these fares are available a lot of days.
Cash fares on this route also represent a great deal. Most days you can fly for either 190.40 or 200.40 roundtrip in Basic Economy...

Tip: Double Dip When Dining Out

One of the great perks about living in New York City is the huge variety of restaurants available. Due to this competition, some places participate in various programs to reward diners choosing to eat there. The best part? Many participate in multiple programs and you can earn rewards through all of them all at once.
The RestaurantThai food is one of my favorite cuisines to order out. It's just one of those things I will never be able to make myself. My fiancee and I placed an order by calling from Yuqi's Cuisine, a delicious restaurant in the heart of Manhattan's Hell's Kitchen. Feeling especially hungry one night, our bill came to $45.07. First Up: SkyMiles DiningThe SkyMiles Dining Program is one of the rewards systems that Rewards Networks offers for Delta Airlines. Here, you can see a list of restaurants near you that offer miles in exchange for your patronage. When you first sign up for the website you will be considered a "member" and only earn 1 SkyMile…