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Delta Quietly Raises Checked Bag Fees

On August 27, JetBlue made headlines as they raised their checked bag fees from $25 to $30. Up until this points, the legacy carriers and JetBlue had been pretty streamlined in first checked bag pricing. Of course, with an airline branded credit card or elite status, the bag fees were often waived.

Shortly after (as in the next day), United immediately followed in raising their bag fee to $30. Delta and American did not budge and were praised for "leading the pack" rather than following.

Today, the following baggage fees appeared on Delta's website.

With no announcement, Delta follows the pack and quietly raises their fees. I would assume this applies to tickets booked today and going forward, but would not be surprised if those with ticketed reservations incur this increased fee as well.

This once again makes Delta's co-branded credit cards even more valuable, as they come with checked bags for up to 4 passengers on the same reservation (up to 8 bags on a round trip!). …

Delta To Offer One Time Service To/From Las Vegas And Shanghai

In conjunction with the Consumer Electronic Show in Shanghai, Delta will offer service between Las Vegas and Shanghai one time in each direction. 

The schedule is as follows:

​​To Las Vegas:
DL 186 - January 7, 2019
Depart Shanghai at 12:05 PM
Arrive Las Vegas at 7:45 AM

To Shanghai:
DL 185 - January 15, 2019
Depart Las Vegas at 12:45 PM
Arrive Shanghai at 7:15: PM (+1 day)

These flights will be operated by a 777-200LR aircraft (as featured above). According to Delta, this plane will operate with 37 Delta One seats, signaling that this will not be operated by an updated aircraft with the new Delta One Suites. Last year, this special route was operated by a new Delta A350.

One interesting thing to note is that DL 185/186 is normally a non-stop flight between Atlanta and Shanghai. On these two dates, the flights will operate via Las Vegas.

Photo and information courtesy of Delta Airlines.

Delta's First A220-100 Exits The Paint Shop

At last the first North American A220 exits the paint shop! Delta's first A220-100 (formerly Bombardier CSeries 100) exited the paint shop in Mirabel, Quebec last week.

Delta showed off the plane with photos from both inside and outside of the hangar.

One interesting thing to note is that this plane does not have winglets. I wonder if these will be attached later or if there have been updates to the design.

Delta's A220-100 will sport a 2-3 Main Cabin layout with large overhead bins, providing a comfortable experience for customers. Still no word on whether or not this plane will get inflight entertainment screens, but my venture is yes as this plane can fly very long routes.

While this plane won't fly until the beginning of 2019 at the earliest, rumor has it that it will operate on Delta Connection's more heavily trafficked routes. Will Delta operate it and take over the route, or will they allow their subsidiaries to?

What do you think? Are you excited to fly this plane?


Delta's Great Delays Snacks

Delays are never fun. Yesterday coming out West Palm Beach (PBI), I experienced a four hour delay to a bird strike with the inbound plane. Normally, I except the usual water and chips, but yesterday we received a delicious snack box.

Inside was a huge variety of snacks, including savory and sweet.

Of course everything was pasteurized and made to last a while, but with the delay crossing over dinner time, this was enough to fill me up. Thankfully we got home safely... and full!

Review: Delta Airlines Delta One Airbus A330-200 ZRH to JFK

Flight Details: Delta Air Lines Flight 408
Zurich (ZRH) to New York (JFK)
Depart: Tuesday, August 28 1:40 PM (Actual 1:39 PM)
Arrival: Tuesday, August 28 4:42 PM (Actual 4:29 PM)
Aircraft: Airbus A330-200
Seat: 9J (Delta One / Business Class)
Booking:The day before our flight, we once again called about upgrading from Main Cabin to Delta One. This time, the general agent couldn't price it out so we were forwarded to another office. This person kept adjusting our fare price until it hit Z (the lowest level of business class). For just about $500 we were able to upgrade. This was a sizable discount over what we paid on the way over for the upgrade.
Check-In / Security:We arrived super early to Zurich Airport as we had a car to return. We were at the Delta check-in area by 10:30 AM, but since this was over 3 hours to departure, we could not find our flight number and check in area listed on any monitors. We were finally directed upstairs to Delta's sole counter. We completed the U…