Review: Widerøe - Economy - Embraer E190-E2 - Bergen BGO to Tromsø TOS

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Flight Details:

Widerøe Flight 622
Bergen (BGO) to Tromsø (TOS)
Depart: Tuesday, February 19 at 8:00 AM (Actual 8:00 AM)
Arrival: Tuesday, February 19 at 9:55 AM (Actual 9:49 AM)
Aircraft: Embraer E190-E2
Seat: 12C (Economy)


After spending a few days in Bergen, which we got to via train, we needed to find a way to get to Tromsø, one of the most northern places in mainland Norway. Here, we hoped to see the Northern Lights. The only carriers operating this route are Widerøe and SAS. The day of the week we wanted to travel (Tuesday), only Widerøe was flying. This actually worked to our advantage because we got to fly on a brand new Embraer E190-E2. Widerøe is actually the first carrier to operate this plane, with 3 currently in their fleet.

Our tickets cost 96 Euros, which is about $110. At check-in, 24 hours before the flight, we selected our seats. Luckily, the exit row (row 12) was available. We selected 12A and 12C, seats on the left side of the plane (each row has A, C, D, F).

Check-in / Security:

We arrived at the Bergen Airport at 6:15 AM. The airport was beautiful inside - modern, airy and completely empty. The Widerøe check in counters were off to the left. We had to do most of the work ourselves on a touch screen and then add our bag tags. It took a little time to figure out, as the screens said we had already checked in (which was true). The agent took our bags, but never checked out IDs (a recurring theme of intra-Norway travel).

Security involved scanning your own boarding pass to be let in, and then a brief encounter with an agent as you went through a metal detector. We were so early that we were able to enjoy a full breakfast from Joe & The Juice. Around 7:15, we walked to our gate area. It was listed as international, but our gate was not. This section of the airport was noticeably older.

So early there wasn't even an agent

Our plane was waiting for us and could be seen easily via the windows.

A Widerøe Embraer E190-E2


At 7:40 AM, everyone just kind of stood up and knew to board. You scanned your boarding pass (just like at security) and were able to get on the plane. Boarding took all of 10 minutes for a flight that was about 80% full. I was really impressed.


Widerøe operates an all economy fleet with its longest flights around 2 hours, so the cabin reflects that. New, but thin seats are set up in a 2x2 configuration. The black seats looked brand new, as did the rest of the cabin. It was extremely sleek, witch recessed lighting in a few places.

The cabin of a Widerøe Embraer E190-E2

Each of the seats featured an antimacassar celebrating the airline's 85th anniversary. We found our seats in row 12. I was impressed by the amenities offered on such a short flight. There were two full size outlets for every pair of seats.

Outlets at every seat

Each seat back featured a literature pocket and full size tray table.


Every part of the plane looked very new and hardly used.

Widerøe tray table

Each seat featured a reading light and air vent (the latter is something commonly left off European carriers).

Overhead panels

We were given the run down for exit row seating and then the plane pushed back right at 8:00 AM. The captain told us our flight time would be an hour and forty-five minutes, putting us in right on time. 

Flight / Meal Services:

We had a quick 5 minute taxi before we were in the air. 

Taking off

The sun was just rising, which made for the most beautiful flight. The moon was visible to the left, while the sun poured in on the right.

View of the moon

Shortly after take off, the service began. We were offered complimentary coffee or tea, with a menu of other items to purchase. There was a selection of sweet and savory snacks, as well as beverages.

Widerøe menu

On the back, there were some combo deals and a model airplane.

Widerøe menu

I, of course, regret not buying the plane, since I'll likely never fly Widerøe again. The flight attendants reached our row quickly, and I ordered a coffee.

Widerøe beverage service

Every drink was served with a small piece of dark chocolate.

After service ended, I headed to check out the rest of the plane. The last two rows in the rear of the plane were empty.

Widerøe seats

The last row looked like it had limited recline due to the wall behind it.

The restrooms were in great condition and weren't dirty.

Widerøe bathroom

There was standard, non-branded hand soap to use.

Widerøe sink

As I said before, the finishes on the plane looked nice. I appreciated the new lighting on the E190-E2. For a small regional jet, it didn't feel that way.

Cabin of a Widerøe Embraer E190-E2

After I returned to my seat, they made an announcement saying they'd be doing a drawing for a free ticket due to their 85th anniversary year. Someone in row 22 won and everyone clapped.

The flight attendants came around for a final serving of coffee or tea.

Second beverage service

Each flight attendant we interacted with was always polite and professional. It was clear they really enjoyed their jobs and wanted to ensue every passenger had a good flight.

Soon after, landing began. It was an extremely cloudy day and we could not see anything until moments before landing. We touched down at 9:44 AM and had a slippery stop down the icy runway.

Landing in Tromsø

We had found the weather in Bergen and Oslo to be quite warm (40 degrees Fahrenheit), so Tromsø looked more like Norway to us.

We parked at a remote stand and deplaned down the front steps so I got to see our plane up close.

Widerøe Embraer E190-E2

I also saw some of the airline's older prop planes.

Widerøe fleet at Tromsø airport

I took one last look at our brand new plane as I headed into the terminal

Widerøe Embraer E190-E2 at Tromsø Airport

Bottom Line:

Widerøe is a niche little airline serving smaller markets within Norway and other Scandinavian countries. Boarding was quick, the plane was clean, comfortable and new, and service was done with a smile. I really could not have asked for a better flight.


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