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AirFrance Receives First Airbus A350-900

This week, AirFrance took delivery of their first Airbus A350-900. Over the next five or so years, they will receive a total of 28. The plane is outfitted with a brand new business class, premium economy and economy cabins.

The A350 is a fantastic plane, with great fuel economics and passenger comfort. The A350 offers some of the widest economy seating options, when outfitted in a standard layout. This isn't the first A350 to go to a French company. Rather, Air Caraibes and French Bee, took deliveries of them years ago. Their planes, however, have a dense and unheard of 3-4-3 layout in the back.

Inside the plane, AirFrance has 324 seats. In Business Class, AirFrance is introducing a new product to their brand. The same as United's new Polaris, AirFrance has a denser layout, squeezing an additional two seats between doors 1 and 2.

AirFrance's A350s were originally intended to go to Joon, which may explain their third new offering in this class.

The seats look nice and matc…

Unreal: Delta and LATAM Form Partnership

In an unbelievable announcement yesterday, Delta set forth a new era for the airline industry. If you don't have what someone else does, pull it out from right underneath them. Delta announced it would purchasing a 20% stake in the South American airline LATAM. For a casual $1.9 Billion, Delta will take over part of LATAM as well as 4 of its A350s and 10 additional purchase rights. Delta will also force LATAM to depart OneWorld and form its own joint venture. They'll pump an additional $350 million into the partnership so things start off strong.

Wow, wow, wow. That's a lot. To me, it's just so striking to see what Delta is doing. They've decided SkyTeam's value is little, so they're purchasing pieces of airlines left and right to form their own alliance. It's almost like they are setting out to do what Etihad tried with Etihad Airways Partners.... except they are succeeding.

Unfortunately, buried in this announcement is the break up of Delta and its B…