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Breaking Down the Changes to Delta SkyMiles Cards from American Express

A few days ago, Delta and American Express announced changes to their suite of co-branded cards. Filled with new benefits, it took me a few days to fully digest what the implications were.

The above chart lists out all of the changes each card will receive. As a Platinum Delta SkyMiles Card holder, I will solely be focusing on the changes, and what this means for my decision to keep, or cancel the card.
Positive Changes There's a slue of changes that positively affect the customer in their direction. For one, earning rates on Delta purchases will increase from 2x miles to 3x miles. I spend probably $1,000 a year on Delta purchases, so let's call this a net of 1,000 SkyMiles. Valuing these guys at their bare minimum of 1 cent, that's a net of $10.

Card Holder Benefit Total: $10

Restaurants are also getting a bump from 1 mile to 2x miles. Let's say, I spend about $1500 a year at restaurants, although this could be a conservative estimate depending on what gets coded. Aga…