Plane Spotting at In-N-Out

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Delta Airlines - Delta Comfort+ - Boeing 767-300ER - New York JFK to Los Angeles LAX
Plane Spotting at In-N-Out
Delta Airlines - Main Cabin - Boeing 767-300ER - Los Angeles LAX to New York JFK

Some Context:

On our way into Los Angeles, we attempted to grab In-N-Out Burger in Marina Del Ray on our way to our AirBnb. Unfortunately, the area it was in had no power. From streetlights to stop lights, it was a ghost town. In-N-Out was closed, too. Although it would be early, I planned to stop on the way to my flight around 10:30 AM right when the store opened. I had heard a ton about plane spotting from here, so I figured with any remaining time I had, I'd try it out.


This In-N-Out is located just by the airport at the start of a runway. I arrived before 10:30 AM and the store was already crowded with a small line and many eating. I always joke that time is irrelevant when traveling and you have to eat when you're hungry because you never know when you'll see food again. Packed with tourists with bags, I got my food in a reasonable amount of time and set up outside.

Although I was still pretty far away, I got a quick glimpse of one of United's specially painted 757-200s.

A small crowd gathered by the fence, so I went over and joined them. Due to the trees, you didn't know what plane was coming, but you could hear when on was.

This one was loud, and with some blind shooting at the sky, I got some shots of a Korean Air A380 arriving from Seoul.

I only wish I was a little further back because the views were either under the plane, or to the back.

As I left, I got a shot of a Alaska / Horizon Embraer E175.

Not too bad for an iPhone XS? As I walked back to my car a Delta 737 landed and that was the last I saw.

Overall, it was a fun way to spend an hour or so. In-N-Out Burger is delicious and local to the west coast. Might as well throw in some plane spotting to sweeten the deal. The views were great, but I only saw about half a dozen planes land in my time. I think I'll try a more central location next time, though. If you are grabbing In-N-Out before or after flying in, it's the closest location and the views are a perk.


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