Delta To Introduce New First Class Seat on A321neo Planes

In December of 2017, Delta ordered 100 Airbus A321neos in an effort to modernize their fleet. While they are still taking delivery of the older A321-200 model, which will top off at 127 planes, the A321neos are coming soon.

Delta's First Class seat is pretty standard across their fleet, however the Crystal Cabin Awards Shortlist shows they've got a new seat up their sleeve. Delta will be launching a brand new First Class seat.

Delta claims they've been working hard with Recaro Aircraft Seating, GmbH & Co. KG and FactoryDesign to create an "industry-leading seat with more privacy, added comfort, larger screens and superior stowage." These seats look very different than what is on their current fleet. They feature footrests, front facing charging ports and a ton of storage space. The most noteworthy feature is that there is a nice shell around the head area providing privacy and stability for sleeping.

It is unclear whether or not these seats will recline or slide forward to give the illusion of recline, but based on the image, I'd venture a guess they'll recline as the shell isn't attached to the center piece and looks separate. We won't know for sure until these enter the fleet sometime this year.

Delta plans to outfit their new A321neos with 197 seats. There will be 20 of the new First Class seats, 30 in Comfort+ and the remaining 147 in Main Cabin. With these deliveries, Delta will finally put to rest their MD88 and MD90 fleet.

All images courtesy of Delta.


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