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Review: Delta Airlines Main Cabin (Economy Class) A319-100 PBI to LGA

A reliable and comfortable flight is always a great end to a short weekend trip. Flying on Delta's most updated Airbus aircraft made for a chic flight with lots of amenities, even if the internet was non-functioning.
Flight Details
Delta Air Lines Flight 1799
West Palm Beach (PBI) to New York (LGA) 
Depart: Sunday, June 17 3:15 PM (Actual 3:09 PM)
Arrival: Sunday, June 17 6:14 PM (Actual 6:06 PM)
Aircraft: Airbus A319-100
Seat: 15C (Main Cabin)
Booking:As with the last review, this was part of a quick round trip weekend flight to Palm Beach, Florida that only cost $252.40 for a standard Main Cabin ticket. Unfortunately, I could see that no upgrade was in the cards and I would be in my giant exit row seat. No problem as the exit row (Row 15) on the A319s have more than 40 inches of leg room.
Security: Security at PBI is always a breeze. Even in the general line, there's never many people and it can still take less than 10 minutes on a bad day. There's some construction going on right…

Review: Delta Airlines Main Cabin (Economy Class) A320-200 LGA to PBI

Flying between West Palm Beach and NYC is my most heavily flown route. As per usual, the flight was a comfortable ride down, albeit delayed and flown out of the way.

Flight Details
Delta Air Lines Flight 708
New York (LGA) to West Palm Beach (PBI)
Depart: Thursday, June 14 6:59 PM (Actual 7:12 PM)
Arrival: Thursday, June 14 10:16 PM (Actual 10:30 PM)
Aircraft: Airbus A320-200
Seat: 16C (Main Cabin)
Booking:Booking was relatively easy and done via the Fly Delta application for iPhone. A reasonably priced $252.40 for the roundtrip in standard main cabin is about as cheap as it gets for this route. I had selected 16C, an aisle seat in the exit row that has recline, unlike row 15 which just has extra legroom. 3 days before the flight I cleared a Delta Comfort+ upgrade to seat 11B. Being a middle seat in a non-bulkhead row, I opted to call Delta and switch back to 16C. I've written before about when and why I'll turn down the free "upgrade." Guess I was using a drink ticket!

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Wow - Virgin Atlantic Updates Leased A330s... and changes to a new interior!

Last year, Virgin Atlantic acquired some used A330-200s when AirBerlin went under. At first, they took these planes on so that they could fill in for their 787s that required engine checks. Now, Virgin is spending over £10 million to update the interiors. 

When Virgin Atlantic first acquired the AirBerlin A330-200s, they came up with gimmicky names for each of the Upper Class seats, as the layout was completely different than their own. Now, with the costly renovations, Virgin atlantic is opting to keep the same layout as when AirBerlin operated them, rather than converting to their 1-1-1 herringbone seats. No, they are not just recovering the seats, but removing and installing brand new versions of those seats with larger entertainment screens. While the reason is unknown, I can only imagine the planes were already certified for the other layout and its saving time to just keep it the same.

Upper ClassThe cabins will match the look and feel of their other aircraft, but it's a whole…