Review: Joon (AirFrance) - Economy - Airbus A320 - Oslo Gardermoen OSL to Paris CDG

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Flight Details:

Joon (Air France) Flight 1775
Oslo Gardermoen (OSL) to Paris (CDG)
Depart: Saturday, February 22 at 12:35 PM (Actual 12:39 PM)
Arrival: Saturday, February 22 at 3:05 PM (Actual 2:57 PM)
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Seat: 4D (Economy)


This flight began the first of two segments home to New York City. As with the trip out, my seat changed on the Joon flight changed a few times due to increasing size of business class. In the end, I was assigned 4D, the first row of economy on the aisle.

Check-in / Security:

Once again, we arrived at the Oslo Airport. Like all of our other flights, we were quite early. We happen to make an early train from the central station, which got us to the airport around 9:45 AM. Check-in was a breeze - done at self-service kiosk. Without checked baggage, we headed right to security. At this time, Oslo Airport only had one lane open, but began opening more and more as we moved through. We ended up being shuffled around a few times, but were through security within 10 minutes.


After security, I decided to play my cards and see if we could access the lounge Air France uses at Oslo Airport. Due to my Gold Medallion status with Delta, I am a SkyTeam Elite. Since the lounge was not operated by a SkyTeam partner, I was not sure if we would be granted access.

We took the elevator up to a level where there were two lounges - The SAS Lounge, and the other lounge for every other airline.

The entrance to the OSL Lounge

Outside, there was a sign listing basically every non-Star alliance airline.

OSL Lounge airline partners

The front desk attendant checked us in quickly, noting that my boarding pass said Gold Elite on it (unlike the man at the AirFrance lounge).

We set up camp in a comfortable seating area with a view of the land side of the airport.

Views from the lounge

There was a small food buffet, with draft beer and an espresso machine. Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph it, but truly it was nothing special. The lounge seating was comfortable, and soon enough it was 11:30 AM and time to walk down to our gate.


We arrived at the gate just around the time our inbound plane was pulling up to the gate.

Joon (AirFrance) A320 at Oslo Airport

Boarding was relatively easy, beginning a half hour before departure. Once again, self-scanning machines allowed passengers to do the work themselves. My boarding pass beeped, and I had to walk over to an agent. She said I was "unable to board," but plunked some keys on the keyboard then sent me on my way. Due to this, I was not able to get great shots onboard.

I walked down the jet bridge with my friend, but we ended up being stopped about 15 feet from the end for a moment.

Waiting to board our Joon (AirFrance) A320

A moment or two later, the line moved.


Although we were flying the smaller A320, the cabin of this Joon airplane was almost identical on the inside.

Joon (AirFrance) A320 Cabin

The seats were outfitted with new dark blue coverings, with royal purple head rests. I found my seat in row 4 was once again contorted into the chair. The legroom was still unbelievably tight.

Joon legroom

Thankfully, the seat 4E remained empty, giving my row-mate and I some wiggle room. Although the plane was Joon, it was clear AirFrance still ran the show.

Joon seatbelt buckle

The cabin had basic amenities, such as air vents and reading lights...

Overhead panel well as armrest USB ports.

Joon (AirFrance) armrest

The plane still looked new from its refurbishment.

Joon (AirFrance) A320 cabin

Believe it or not, the above photo is of "business class." Each seat came with a full size tray table, as well as a pop-out cup holder.

At 12:39 PM, 4 minutes late, we backed away from the gate.

Flight / Meal Services:

The flight attendants did a manual safety demonstration in the aisles in both French and English. We had a quick 10 minute taxi before take off. As soon as we reached 10,000 feet, an announcement welcomed us onboard and let us know about the free and purchased options for today. Once again, we were offered coffee, orange juice and water. 

Prior to the service starting, I was once again asked to help pull over the curtain, close off business class and give myself a lap present.

Business class partition

It was about 15 minutes later until the crew reached me, and I selected an orange juice.

Joon beverage service

Again, the cups held about one gulp. I placed my empty cup in the cupholder to free up some space.

Joon cupholder

I decided to check in on our flight status using the wi-fi and YouJoon app. Unfortunately, this time, it was non-functioning the entire flight.

YouJoon app home screen

After the service ended, I headed to the back to check out the restroom. Once again, it was completely uneventful.

Joon (AirFrance) A320 restoom

This one did look much newer and more modern than the one on the A321. It wasn't the cleanest this time around, though. The only amenity was hand soap.

Joon (AirFrance) A320 sink

I walked back to my seat and noticed the rear of the plane was pretty full.

Joon (AirFrance) A320 economy cabin

Above every other row, Joon had labeled the rows with giant royal blue numbers. While I didn't love the way it looked, I imagine it makes boarding a lot easier.

At my seat, the crew noticed me using my phone and offered me a stand to prop it up on.

Joon device stand

This was a nice touch, but I didn't really need it due to the app not working.


We touched down at 2:47 PM and were at our gate moments later. Disembarking was easy and I waited for my friend at the end of the jet bridge, as she was assigned a seat further back.

Bottom Line:

As I said in my last Joon review, there isn't really a choice when flying them. They operate some AirFrance routes in their entirety, and you're likely taking them without choice. The seats were cramped, the beverage service was small, but the crew this time was friendly and I enjoyed the flight slightly more. Joon is becoming AirFrance again in June (hehe), so unless you're flying them in the near future, this review will be a relic of another failed "airline within an airline."


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