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Lounge Details:

China Eastern Lounge 36
Shanghai Pudong Airport - Terminal 1
Open from 4:30 AM to 1:00 AM


We arrived very early to Pudong Airport. So early in fact, that the transit area was not yet open, requiring us to wait until 4:45 AM to clear it. Once we did, we went through security and found the lounge.


Lounge 36 was located near the main security check-point in Terminal 1. The lounge is located up one flight, accessible by an elevator or escalator.

On the same floor is Lounge 39, which is operated by AirFrance and Japan Airlines. Although those two airlines are in different alliances, they have a pretty strong partnership.

Amenities / Food Services:

Anyway, for 4:45 AM, the lounge had some passengers. Most were coming off red-eyes awaiting connections. We spotted many passengers from our JFK flight. It seemed like China Eastern did not have many flights until at least 8:00 AM, so passengers had quite a while to go. Our flight to Chiang Mai was not until 10:05 AM, so we had a long time to spend.

On the first floor of the lounge was a ton of table style seating. There were outlets at the seats against the wall.

It was early, but there was still a small selection of food available, including fruit and stir-fried noodles.

I made a small plate. Somehow I was hungry even though I had continuously stuffed my face on the plane.

After we ate, we inquired about taking a shower. We were told that they would not open until 6:00 AM, and to come back later to be added to the list. While we waited, some steamed buns were put out.

The one in the back was filled with delicious vegetables, while the front one was a sweet dessert one. I had about 10 of them because steamed bread is a guilty pleasure of mine. At 6:00 AM, we went to sign up for the showers, but somehow the list was already quite long. Ugh. Luckily, there was a separate list for the showers upstairs.

So, we trudged upstairs to conquer our shower quest. We were added to the list and given access a few moments later. There are only two showers, but they came equipped with a lot. Each patron is given a bucket with a ton of amenities.

There was a hairdryer, comb, shoes, toothbrush, shower cap, mouthwash, etc.

I used the mouthwash, which was orange flavored. I'm sure my mouth was clean, but I did not feel it. The shower room was in okay condition, and felt a little used considering I was the first one of the day to go in.

Nonetheless, it's nice to change into fresh clothes and feel refreshed on a long journey. For the next few hours, we stayed upstairs.

The lounge had a ton of seating, but unfortunately the section with 4 seats that reclined into beds was occupied the entire time. I tried to sleep in one of the chairs, but I could never get comfortable.

There were a two displays of food upstairs, although it was all cold items and beverages.

There was a self-service coffee machine, which I used to make an americano.

Milk was located off to the side in "zhe" fridge. At some point, we saw other people with delicious looking noodles, so we went downstairs to find a newly set up noodle bar. You could add whatever toppings you wanted.

When I travel, I always joke that I have no idea when I'll see food again so I have to eat when I have access. The noodles were delicious, and even though it was like 8:00 AM, I'd do it again. Around 9:00 AM, we headed to our gate, which was located at the end of the terminal.

Bottom Line:

We had a long layover, due to our original scheduling plus our early arrival. Lounge 36 was comfortable and quiet during our 5 hour stay. That being said, on our return trip through Shanghai, the lounge was unrecognizable. It was filled to the brim with passengers and available seating was scarce. Earlier in the day seems to be the best time to visit.

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