Review: Delta - First Class - Airbus A319 - New York LGA to West Palm Beach PBI

Flight Details:

Delta Flight 2358
New York-LaGuardia (LGA) to West Palm Beach, Florida (PBI)
Depart: Saturday, August 17 at 8:39 AM (Actual 8:55 AM)
Arrival: Saturday, August 17 at 11:41 AM (Actual 11:03 AM)
Aircraft: Airbus A319
Seat: 2B (First Class)


This was booked as a one-way flight in Main Cabin. Each fare was about $120. As my husband is a Platinum Medallion, we were immediately upgraded to Delta Comfort+. 5 days before, we received the First Class upgrade.

About 2 days before the flight, I also received an email asking me to select my meal.

The options were a breakfast sandwich with turkey sausage, or cereal. I went for the hot option.

Check-in / Security:

Delta automatically checks in travelers 24 hours before departure times and sends you a notification. All you have to do is confirm you aren't traveling with anything dangerous. 

LaGuardia was empty at 7:30 AM and security took less than two minutes. Most of my time was actually spent walking down the long TSA Pre-Check pathway. I never stopped, so by the time I got to the agent, I hadn't even taken my ID out.


A few minutes past 8:00 AM, boarding began. Although the flight had been only half-full the day before, it was going out at capacity. We were the first in line at the "First Class" area. Following the pre-boarders, we were the first on.


I've written about Delta's A319s and A320s numerous times, so I won't rehash my positive feelings. Our plane, N345NB, was delivered to Northwest in June 2006 making it just over 13 years old. This one is actually one of the younger A319s that Delta operates.

Waiting at my seat, 2B, was a pillow, blanket and water bottle.

The seats are about 21 inches wide and have 36 inches of pitch. This isn't a lot, but there's ample legroom. Between the seats are two power outlets.

There's also a USB charger below the screen, which measures 11 inches from corner to corner.

A moment later, a crew member offered me a pre-departure beverage. I selected an orange juice, which came a moment later. At this time, the flight attendant confirmed my meal selection and asked what I'd like to drink with it

Although we began boarding on time, we did end up leaving about 15 minutes later due to some traffic behind us at LaGuardia.

Flight / Meal Services:

We backed away from the gate at 8:55 AM and were airborne 10 minutes later. The meal service started about 10 minutes after we were in the air. We were first served a hot towel.

Then our tables were set with a placemat. 

And my coffee came.

My breakfast sandwich was served with a side of fruit and a Greek yogurt.

The sandwich was fine. While nothing special, it's a nice perk to have. I will note that it was kind of falling apart, as the sausage was hanging out of one side. 

Throughout the meal, I was playing a game on my phone, so I took pauses in eating. Each time, the flight attendant asked if I was done. At first, it was proactive, then it became annoying. Finally, I just let the tray go since it became so awkward.

Once the meal was over, I checked out the lavatory. The First Class bathroom is located to the front left.

It was not in the best condition, as the trash was overflowing and there was liquid on the ground.

It was stocked with Malin+Goetz products.

I spent the last hour of the flight watching the air show and playing games on my phone. I appreciate that the monitors in First Class can be adjusted in case the person in front of you reclines.

During this time, we were offered a pass of the snack basket and I selected a Kind bar.

I was offered refills on my coffee, which I declined. I did notice that there was a neat little tray to pull out in case we ran out of room.

Finally, it was time to land.

We arrived in Palm Beach about 25 minutes before schedule and were at the gate 20 minutes early.

Bottom Line:

A larger seat, a decent meal and an early arrival into Palm Beach are all positives in my book. That being said, I still find it funny that US carriers refer to this cabin as First Class.

Courtesy of FlightAware


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