Review: Delta Airlines - Delta Comfort+ - Boeing 767-300ER - New York JFK to Los Angeles LAX

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Delta Airlines - Delta Comfort+ - Boeing 767-300ER - New York JFK to Los Angeles LAX
Plane Spotting at In-N-Out
Delta Airlines - Main Cabin - Boeing 767-300ER - Los Angeles LAX to New York JFK

Flight Details:

Delta Airlines Flight 447
New York (JFK) to Los Angeles (LAX)
Depart: Friday, November 8 at 6:10 PM (Actual 6:18 PM)
Arrival: Friday, November 8 at 9:42 PM (Actual 9:13 PM)
Aircraft: Boeing 767-300ER
Seat: 17B (Delta Comfort+)


My husband and I took a weekend trip to Los Angeles as he'd have to stay the week for work. Our outbound flights were booked together, but our returns were separate. The outbounds cost $246.30 each (not the best price), which netted 1,728 SkyMiles due to my Gold Medallion status and 2,475 MQMs. Our tickets were booked in Main Cabin, and with my husband's Platinum Medallion status, we received immediate upgrades into Delta Comfort+. The cabin was relatively empty, but we ended up with a nice exit row seat in row 17. A wonderful perk of the older 767 is that the plane is configured with a 2-3-2 layout, allowing couples and friends to sit together on the side.


Boarding was an interesting situation. Delta's flights to Los Angeles are status heavy and the line of Delta One, Delta Comfort+ and SkyPriority was almost the entire flight. A wonderfully perky gate agent lined up everyone efficiently.

Boarding began a few minutes late, as we were told the plane was very dirty and needed extra cleaning. At 5:40, just 30 minutes before departure, boarding began. 


We boarded through 1L, and passed through the Delta One cabin. Our seats were located towards the rear of the Comfort+ cabin on the left side.

Given our seats in the exit row, we had fixed armrests which housed the tray table. There was an extraordinary amount of leg room.

Between the seats was a singular standard outlet and a USB port for each seat.

There was also a headphone jack in the armrest.

The reason these are here is because the screen is quite far away. Just look how far I could stretch my legs out.

Boarding felt tedious, and finally at 6:18 PM (ten minutes late) we backed away from the gate.

Flight / Meal Services:

As we taxied out, flight attendants passed out free headsets to the Delta Comfort+ cabin, and sold them to those in Main Cabin.

The headsets were "Billboard' branded and were just standard in-ear headphones.

They did have soft plastic ends to given an illusion of noise cancelation. I used them for a bit, but eventually reverted to my own Beats headphones. After a short hold, we were told we were next in line for take off. For an evening departure out of JFK, to be airborne in 10 minutes from departure was a huge surprise. Once airborne, we were told about our two options for a meal - a chicken noodle salad or a cheese plate. The meal and beverage service began about 30 minutes after take off. I took out my tray table from the armrest, which was kind of small.

It could be folded over to double in size.

Funnily enough, the meal came first. I selected the chicken noodle salad.

It came wrapped with a set of silverware, salt and pepper.

The "salad" was quite small, and came with just a few pieces of chicken, a lot of noodles and a flavorless sauce.

When the beverage cart arrived, I ordered a red wine and a water. In Comfort+ alcohol is free on all flights.

The wine was  Cabernet Sauvignon was fine. It wasn't awful, but it wasn't packed with flavor either. It was chilled after being in the beverage cart.

To me, the meal service is hysterical. Eastbound flights to London are just as long as westward flights to Los Angeles from JFK, yet London has two meals (one of which is hot) and the LAX flight gets a tiny cold noodle snack. It was a snack at best and truly I cannot describe my disappointment. Meals were collected quickly and I went to use the restroom. We were seated directly across from it (as I did on my flight to Amsterdam last year).

The bathroom was in fine shape. It was not dirty, but wasn't clean either.

The only amenity was a nicely scented hand soap. Now, my real issues with the restroom started after. It smelled like diarrhea and poop the entire flight once the meal service ended. I did what I could to avoid the smell (mostly by using the air vent to blow the scent away), but it was unavoidable at times. I was disgusted.

Throughout the rest of the flight, we were well fed and attendant to. The crew passed through with waters and coffees many times. I requested a decaf coffee and even though it wasn't on the tray, a crew member ran back to get it for me.

I was warned the coffee was instant and strong, so I got to mix it myself.

It was fine and was better than your standard coffee. The snack basket, a Comfort+ staple, came around and I took a banana and some chips. I was too hungry and forgot to snap a photo.

An hour before landing a final beverage service occurred and I indulged in red wine again. I was served the same bottle as before.


We landed at 8:53 PM and were at the gate 20 minutes later. When I stood up to leave, I noticed that while the seats had been updated to reflect the Comfort+ rebrand, the overhead bins had not.

Bottom Line:

While Delta's refreshed transcontinental experience had some highs, like free alcohol, snacks and a small meal, I couldn't help but focus on the lows. The rancid bathroom smell and the meal portion stood out to me. Either way, most airlines will shove you in a 3x3 configuration with no meal (read: American, United and JetBlue), Delta does stand out in this way.


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