Review: Delta Airlines - Main Cabin - Boeing 767-300ER - Los Angeles LAX to New York JFK

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Delta Airlines - Delta Comfort+ - Boeing 767-300ER - New York JFK to Los Angeles LAX
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Delta Airlines - Main Cabin - Boeing 767-300ER - Los Angeles LAX to New York JFK

Flight Details:

Delta Airlines Flight 468
New York (JFK) to Los Angeles (LAX)
Depart: Monday, November 11 at 12;45 PM (Actual 12:44 PM)
Arrival: Friday, November 8 at 9:09 PM (Actual 9:06 PM)
Aircraft: Boeing 767-300ER
Seat: 18G (Main Cabin)


On my return flight, I selected a standard Main Cabin seat in the first row behind Comfort+ in row 18. Unfortunately, no aisle seats close up were available so I opted for a window. As the JFK to LAX route in both directions is quite popular with elites, I knew a Comfort+ upgrade would never clear with my Gold Medallion status. In fact, I believe I was 30th in line for it when the upgrade list populated a day before. I was a staggering 75th for Delta One, with 30 others behind me.


Since I was only boarding with SkyPriority (which comes after Comfort+), most of the plane was boarded before I was even called. I did my best to get some shots, but unfortunately, it was a no go.

Fantastic quality right? Unfortunately, given the small center bins on the 767, most of both sides were full and I had to place my Away luggage about 4 rows behind me. I wasn't feeling so great about this flight.


Although the 767 is an older plane, the 2-3-2 layout is truly unbeatable. I took my window seat in 18G and knew that if I needed to use the restroom at least it'd just be one person to climb over.

I looked down.

It's almost like they decided to clean everything but that last inch. It was filled with remnants of fallen chips and cookies. Boarding unfortunately was rather slow and many direct announcements were made about placing your bags in the bins. Usually Delta crews are chipper and friendly, but this guy was giving me straight up American Airlines vibes.

Each seat featured a seat back monitor, USB outlet and headphone jack.

Honestly, even in Main Cabin, leg room wasn't horrible. My knees weren't pressed against the seat and I had room to shift around. The 767 does have some of the widest seats, at almost 18 inches.

There was one standard power plug to share.

Given our placement right behind Comfort+, our seats still had the special stitching. One thing I will note was that this particular Boeing 767-300ER did not have overhead air vents. Our plane, N152DL, was delivered originally to Gulf Air in 1990, so I assume they did not order the plane with it. The plane was unbearably hot during boarding, but once the door closed, they blasted the air and the temperature was fine the rest of the flight.

At 12:44 PM, we backed away a minute early.

Flight / Meal Services:

We were told of our flight time just under five hours as we taxied out. Taxiing out was fun for some views of SkyTeam planes.

We passed an Aeromexico 737-800 and a SkyWest / Delta Connection plane. We were cleared for take off around 1:00 PM, just after a 15 minute taxi. Once airborne, menus were passed out. We did not receive one on the way over, but I always appreciate it as it gives me more insight in to the flight.

The menus were designed for both directions this flight operates.

It's interesting that the cheese plate is always the second option.

As I waited for the service to start, I watched Detective Pikachu, which was actually pretty great.

The food came first, and I selected the beef pastrami sandwich.

Then I ordered an apple juice and a red wine. In Main Cabin, alcoholic drinks are not free. That being said, I rarely sit in it, so I had a whole bunch of drink tickets to use up.

The red served this time was a red blend, which was actually way better than what was served out on the outbound.

The sandwich was nothing much to look at first, but it was actually full of delicious parts.

It had thick slides of pastrami, lettuce, cheese, a sauce and sliced pickles. Honestly, it was significantly better than the noodle slop served on the way out. 

Once the meal service was over, they collected trash and did a coffee, tea and water service. I selected a water.

Shortly after, my seat mate got up and I made a mad dash to the bathroom.

It was about as expected, but the door didn't lock. I had to barricade it in case someone came.

The lock just wouldn't slide over, but it did look rusted.

I was surprised on my walk back by how few people were taking advantage of the screens. Most were off and people were working. Soon, a beautiful sunset rolled in.

About an hour before landing a second beverage service took place. I used another drink ticket for a red wine. This time, I was served the cabernet, as I received on the way over.

I was not offered snacks, but I asked and the attendant said, "You didn't tell me you wanted snacks." To which I replied, "You never offered."

This was the same guy barking commands over the PA system during boarding, so I won't fault the whole crew for him, but man, he wasn't great.


Right before landing, we were told due to the early arrival, our gate may be occupied. Why airlines pad the schedules so much only to have planes sit on the tarmac is beyond me.

We touched down around 9:00 PM and were at the gate shortly after. We did have to hold while crossing over the runways, but our gate was open by the time we got there. I was nervous about grabbing by luggage, but thankfully, my seat mate's bag was also back a few rows so we jumped out and got them quickly.

Bottom Line:

I won't let one rude crew member sway my whole opinion of the flight, but between the dirty seat, the broken bathroom and the lack of air vents, this certainly doesn't remind me of Delta's usual flights.


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